Photography FAQ

How do you photograph weddings?

Weddings are once in a lifetime events so I’m not just there to walk around and click a button. I plan ahead & make sure I know all the details of your wedding so that I can get all the beautiful shots I have envisioned for you!

I will send a questionnaire as well as make a personal timeline just for your wedding to help us stay organized! I start the day by checking out the venue to decide the best locations for your shots. I will then begin gathering the details for your flat-lay and your dress to take detail shots. Usually after that, I will get some behind the scenes shots before going into official getting ready photos of both the bride and groom. Some with a parent or bridal party member helping to capture those sweet, intimate moments. After that we will do bridal party, bride and groom, and family portraits. The order and amount of time for all of these will be different based on if there is a first look or not. Without one, then most of those photos are done after the ceremony since the bride and groom have not seen each other yet. When planning for portraits before the wedding, I try to plan to be done with all shots an hour before the ceremony to allow for plenty of time incase we get behind schedule or simply get more creative shots. I'll also use this time to backup my SD cards, and this is a great time to take some time to yourself before getting the party started! During the beginning of your ceremony, I stand at the front of the aisle to ensure I get great shots of the groom's reaction while also still being able to get some of yours. After the ceremony, we will take some more shots before entering the reception depending on how your timeline is set up. At the reception, I will be your personal paparazzi, and it is a blast! This is just the summed up, general version of how I shoot a wedding. I will explain all of this and so much more in detail before your wedding with your personal timeline. We will discuss all the tips and lighting tricks to ensure we make the most out of your day!

What advice would you give someone when searching for a photographer?

If I were searching for a photographer, I would ask to see a few examples of what an entire delivered album would look like. I would also look for someone that makes me feel special so that I can be confident in front of the camera. I want a photographer that can get those real, candid moments of fun and laughter!

When will we get our photos?

You will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within maximum 6 weeks for weddings & about 2-3 weeks for all other sessions. You will also receive your sneak peeks a few days after the session or wedding.

How many pictures will we receive?

To see the minimum amount of photos you will expect to receive, check the info area under your selected package! I believe in giving my clients as many photos as I can while still producing great quality & well edited images.

How do I book you?

Fill out the contact form on my website, and I will then reach out to you so we can figure out what date works for us both! To secure that date on my calendar, there is a $50 initial payment for portrait sessions and a $500 initial payment for weddings that must be received along with a signed contract to protect us both.

What is your typical process when working with a new client?

Once I book a new client, I immediately add their date to my calendar. For my portrait sessions, I usually will text/email my clients to keep a record of details for the session. I will suggest locations that fit different styles or go to a new location if you have a specific place you would like to go! A couple days before the session, I will follow up with you to make sure the plans are still the same.

For weddings, I try my best to meet with you first so that we can feel comfortable working together! I send a questionnaire, a custom made timeline, planning tips, and additional information to keep us organized and ready to enjoy your wedding without having to worry!

What should I wear?

There’s something beautiful about neutrals & pastel colors in photographs! (White & beige are my favorites btw! ) Sticking to these simple colors will make you and your location stand out in your pictures. When wearing neon, saturated colors, big text, and/or bold patterns, it can be distracting in your photos. Some of my other favorite colors to photograph would be dusty rose, sage greens, golden tans, & dusty light blue! All of those earthy tones too really mesh well with most environments resulting in amazing photos! I believe the more simple an outfit color is, the better!

Another thing I always say is to take this chance to wear something your never get to wear out! It's a photoshoot so dress up and have fun! I'm that girl that CAN'T walk in heels haha so I would use this opportunity to finally wear some!

What gear do you use?

I currently shoot with the Mirrorless Canon R6 Mark II with a full frame Canon 6D mark II as my back up body! My favorite lenses are prime lenses because of how well they work in low light, and how well they allow the aperture to open resulting in a dreamy, bokeh blur background. The 135 mm f/2, 50 mm f/1.2, & 35 mm 1.4 are favorite lenses for portraits. For weddings, I like to also carry a 24-70mm f/2.0 because it is great for wide angle, portrait, & telephoto shots! If I don’t have a second shooter with me, I carry two cameras so that I have backup in case of an emergency. It’s great having two cameras on me so that I’m not always changing out my lenses. I also carry two speed lites with me for late reception shots and other low light situations. I keep these pointed at the ceiling to create a nicely, diffused bounce flash to avoid harsh, blinding lights in my couples’ faces. For sparkler exits, I like to use my video light mounted on top of my camera. It’s better to have this constant light instead of a flash because I have better control in these quick moments and everyone around can see better as well!

What if it rains?

I’m am all for shooting in the rain if you are! It can be super fun and romantic if that is a vibe you’re willing to go for! I will have an umbrella and extra protection for my camera in case that it does decide to rain. I also have two clear umbrellas for you to hold if you want! But if rain pictures aren’t for you, I am always willing to reschedule if it’s possible. I will always keep your informed on the weather leading up to our date so that we can plan accordingly.

Do you shoot other events?

While my focus as a photographer is couples & weddings, I am open to shooting just about anything if I’m available! I’ve shot rehearsal dinners, baby showers, wedding showers, business parties, Christmas/birthday parties, etc. If you are interested, in having an event that is not a wedding photographed, just fill out the contact form, and I will follow up with more questions and some custom package options for you!

Do you travel?

I LOVE to travel!! One of my favorite things about being a photographer is surprising myself, and one of the best ways to do that is photographing in new locations! I love finding a new favorite spot to take photos so if you want to go somewhere amazing for your session or wedding take me with you!

For more information on travel expenses, navigate to the travel tab above under the menu bar!

Do you use a second shooter?

Most packages already include a second shooter, but you can always add one to your package if it doesn’t include one. I highly recommend having a second shooter for many reasons. We’re all human, and the chances of a technical difficulty with gear is always a possibility. Although it’s not very likely, it is always better to be safe that’s sorry. When I don’t have a second shooter on scene with me, I will carry a second camera for back up. Another great reason to consider hiring a second shooter is because you are more likely to get every important shot. The best part about that is you also will get multiple angles of those important shots.

No one is perfect and it doesn’t matter how good you are, so it is always possible for a moment to happen too quickly or when our camera is not ready, and we unfortunately miss a shot. But having a second shooter helps make sure that that won’t happen. Having a second shooter also allows for more opportunities for capturing shots like the parents’ reactions as you walk down the aisle or extra detail shots when the main photographer is sticking to the timeline.

Do I have to print through you?

It will not hurt my feelings if you don't want to print through me! I understand prints can be expensive, and the quality of a print may matter differently to some people. If you do decide to print through me, I always appreciate the extra support, and I will ensure you get the highest quality prints through professional print shops!