Live Wedding Painting

what is it and why have it at your wedding?

Live wedding painting is still new to many people, and it is a beautiful and unique way to not only entertain your guests, but to also have a treasured, personal piece of artwork from one of the best days of your life! One of the best things about having your wedding captured on canvas is that you can customize it to whatever you want! Yes it is great to have photos from your wedding day, but why not reach even further and capture your favorite parts of the day all in one! Do you love the chandelier from one room, but its not actually where you plan to have your first dance? Well GUESS WHAT?! I can add it in!! Want the sunset instead of the overcast sky in your painting? I GOT YOU! Do you want more flowers and greenery highlighted all throughout the venue but can't afford to get more? I WILL GLADLY ADD MORE! Want me to unhook your train for the first dance because you couldn't actually dance like that in real life? JUST SAY THE WORD! Have a deceased loved one that can't be at your wedding? I would be honored to paint them in! Whatever you can think of that is important to you... I WILL PAINT! MY favorite thing about painting weddings live is when couples ask for these types of requests that you couldn't get from just your wedding photos! If you already have a vision for your live painting, don't hesitate and contact me now! I want to capture this vision just as much as you do! My goal is to truly surprise myself with my capabilities with each new painting that I get to do. Let's get to planning!

Meet the Artist

HEY! I'm Ashlyn, your live wedding painter! Art has always been apart of my life, but it wasn't until recently that I got involved in wedding paintings. When I first heard about it, I had to be apart of it! I love being able to create such a unique piece of art of these once and a lifetime moments! My favorite thing about painting live is being able to capture more than what I see in front of me, and being able to communicate the mood from the day through emphasizing details and the colors in a painting!

You’re Investment - Starting at $2,250

The average cost to hire a live wedding painter typically depends on location, experience, painting style, canvas size, and what’s included in the package. For the Louisiana area the average costs for most wedding artists range from $1,000-$6,000. As an artist with multiple years of drawing & painting experience, a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art, and with 20+ wedding paintings under my belt, my style of wedding paintings start at $2,250. For more details on packages, use the contact form below to reach out and found out what size canvas & type of painting is right for you!

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